Azure AD and Office 365 User Synchronization and Registration for WordPress

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The Azure AD/Office 365 User Synchronization and Registration solution for WordPress, is used to create and register WordPress Users to a specific Azure Active Directory(AAD) Group, these WordPress Users will now have an account in AAD having access as an external user to varying Office 365 services (example: SharePoint).


  • Supports two different ways for the creation of the users in Azure Active Directory from WordPress.
    • Creation of the Azure AD User via the Graph REST API, User creation REST API – Involves the creation of an email address based on a verified domain name in the Azure system. Example: Customizable account creation email template available to be sent to registered users.
    • Creation of the Azure AD User via the Invitation REST API – Involves the creation of a Guest account in Azure Active Directory based on the user’s email address as registered in their WordPress user profile.
  • Synchronize WordPress users data to Azure AD users records (Left to Right).
  • Synchronize Azure AD users data to WordPress users records (Right to Left).
  • Create unlimited connections for the synchronization of users between both systems.
  • Ability to update existing user connection settings.
  • Auto synchronization, based on connection settings.
  • Ability to set auto synchronization interval time period – Example options: real-time, every thirty minutes, every 6 hours etc .
  • Ability to set auto synchronization check for every page load or every admin page load.
  • Ability to map WordPress user profile fields with Azure AD user profile fields on the mappings page.
  • Improved the Ajax synchronization process, taking the records modified date into consideration
  • Added support for the plugin to work on both Apache on Linux based servers and Microsoft IIS server with PHP and MYSQL support.